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This research study examines Gigabit Internet and the overall broadband landscape from the consumer’s point of view.

Two telecom industry veterans from Pivot Group and Telecompetitor led this national study of consumers’ Gigabit and Internet awareness, needs and perceptions. The research breaks new ground with insights and unexpected findings that will prove valuable to service providers, professional services firms, manufacturers and others active in the Gigabit or Internet ecosystem. The report provides analysis and details for the U.S. as well as by market type (urban, suburban and rural), by age group and by gender. Data for the research was collected in September 2014. A total of 800 surveys were completed nationwide.


  1. Percent of respondents that know their Internet speed
  2. How often current connection is slow
  3. Primary connection method for accessing Internet
  4. Awareness of Gigabit Internet
  5. Knowledge of Gigabit vs. Megabit: Which one is faster?
  6. Interest in Gigabit service
  7. Perceptions regarding impact of Gigabit on their community
  8. Preferred provider for Gigabit Internet
  9. Intent to subscribe to Gigabit Internet at $70 per month
  10. Desired pricing for those not interested at $70 per month
  11. Number of devices connected
  12. What respondents use their connection for (uploading movies/photos, working from home, taking online classes and more)
  13. Percent of respondents that stream TV shows or movies
  14. Customer preference: Same speed at slightly lower price or faster speed at slightly higher price
  15. Familiarity with 4G LTE, streaming, Wi-Fi, and the Internet of Things
  16. Satisfaction with current Internet provider
  17. Importance of Wi-Fi and satisfaction with Wi-Fi router
The report is based on primary research conducted nationally in September 2014. The sample size of 800 provides statistical significance across key variables.   The price of this report is $495.  

The research team for this project includes:


Dave Nieuwstraten President, Pivot Group

Dave is the President of Pivot Group, LLC. He has 20+ years of telecom experience and is an industry recognized expert in research and marketing strategy. Prior to starting Pivot, Dave led the marketing consulting practices for two national consulting firms serving the telecommunications industry. He works with a wide range of companies and is a frequent speaker at industry events. Bernie

Bernie Arnason Publisher,

Bernie is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Telecompetitor. Bernie follows the telecom industry closely and conducts and authors industry research and whitepapers, provides strategic consulting for clients, and develops compelling telecom mindshare. Bernie is also the managing partner of Pivot Media LLC and a principal with Pivot Group LLC. Steve2

Steve Boespflug Director of Research

Steve brings more than 20 years' experience as a Principal of two full service research companies to Pivot's research team. Steve has designed and managed more than 400 studies for companies including 3M, Intel, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of North Dakota and an MBA from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management. Karl1

Karl Beheim Research Coordinator

Karl graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, International Studies, and Music Performance. Before joining Pivot’s research team, Karl worked in the travel industry, selling vacation packages to Italy, France, and the UK. Prior to that, he worked as a rancher in Texas and a commercial fisherman in Alaska.

About Telecompetitor

Telecompetitor is a community of professionals with a passion for telecom and broadband. We cover developments important to the broadband carrier ecosystem with news, analysis, and commentary, delivered through digital media and live events. Visit us at and follow us @telecompetitor.

About Pivot Group

Pivot is a multi-discipline agency with an in-house research division, a marketing consultancy, and a full-service advertising agency. The company was formed in 2004. Pivot’s telecom division consists of industry veterans located in offices around the country including Portland, OR (headquarters), Washington DC, North Carolina, Arizona, North Dakota, Kansas, Utah, and Wisconsin. Visit us at and follow us @pivotgroup.
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